We believe in clean cut, dynamic graphic design, without a steep price tag.


We aim to create designs which are professional and effective, across the board, whether it be for personal or corporate needs. We strive to complete all our projects in a timely manner, and pride ourselves in being highly responsive to critique and feedback. We work well under pressure and will ensure we do our absolute best to fulfil your design needs.


Our lead designer Angelica, graduated in 2011 from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Graphic Design). She also dabbles in photography from time to time, & enjoys doing food photography the most!


You may be wondering, “Why are you called Cat in a Box?” 

Well, naturally, we just love cats so much, we had to include them in our company name! And much like the cat feels (or how we humans think they feel) when it’s sequestered in a good warm box, we would love to make our clients feel secure and comfortable while working with us. However, our love for cats in boxes doesn’t mean we avoid out-of-the-box thinking, of course! Cats are no stranger to having a bit of fun and mischief, after all.